So here it begins. I started the process of creating a blog when the Black Friday sales were on. I started putting together a mental checklist of what I needed to do between then and now, including:

  • Choose domain
  • Register domain
  • Investigate hosting options
  • Perform a threat and risk assesssment of the VPS server (yes my day job is getting the better of me)
  • Understand node.js a whole heap better
  • Confirm that ghost (the blogging platform) has no gaping vulnerabilities
  • Come up with some sort of literary pun that links me, my interests, and infosec together for the name of my blog
  • Come up with some type of vanity domain name for url shortening for twitter posts
  • Come up with some sort of blog posting naming convention
  • Do I need google analytics setup from day one?
  • Do I need some sort of comments section for each post?

Then today there was the usual procrastination with another list of things to do - many completely unrelated to getting the blog up and running.

  • Shower and shave
  • Groom myself
  • Have lunch
  • Ensure all my systems are backing up properly to my NAS
  • Take out the rubish
  • Take out the recycling
  • What music should I be listening to; leading to
  • Should I create a playlist

You get the picture, procrastination was getting the better of me. Then it hit me, a scene from the literary giant - American Pie (the movie, not the song). To paraphrase the movie:

Vicky: I want it to be the right time, the right place...
Jessica: It's not a space shuttle launch, it's sex just a blog

Well this certainly ain't sex, it's a few words on a webpage that not many peope will read. It should be a lot less complex than losing ones virginity. So here I go. I've set myself an arbitrary deadline of one hour from when was registered to publish this first post (right now I have 3 minutes until that hour is up).

Where to from here? is primarily going to be a place where I can record my experiences in InfoSec. My first set of posts will be retrospective - letting me record some of experiences from the last few years, afterwhich I'll try and condense my current thoughts.

My hour is up, time to hit submit. I'll probably be embarrased with this first post when I look back at it - but I've got to start somewhere.

Edit: This post went up one hour and one minute after was registered so I'm pretty happy with that. Looking back there were some hideous typos that needed fixing (plus a little editting for better continuity). Not sure if it's good to break my own rules on the very first post, oh well, to bad, so sad.

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