Don't you love how TV shows and Movies are able to quickly attribute an IP address to a person?

Much to my wife's chagrin I frequently voice my frustration at the way TV shows and movies portray IT, hackers, Infosec, and those 'in the know'. It's not uncommon for me to yell at the TV "that's not real", "that's incorrect", or "yeah right....".

Here's a shot from the TV Show Person of Interest (S01E02) where I noticed an IP address that they traced back to a person (take a good look at how close, yet how far away they are from a legitimate IPv4 address).

As is always the case the 'computer guy' was able to quickly translate an IP Address directly to a person - How I wish that attribution was this simple.

Image showing as an IP Address

For those unsure what's wrong here an IPv4 address has a maximum value of 255 in each octet. The 258 and 980 values make the address invalid. You may be able to just make out that in the bottom right corner there's another fake address of 325.984.77.454.

I'm happy to be called out if that's somehow a legitimate IPv6 address or there are now a TLD of 980, but I'm pretty confident this isn't the case.

If you find this interesting check out's list of Web sites, IP addresses and e-mail addresses used in TV or Movies.