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Oracle says 'bye, bye' to Java Plugin

Well there you have it, Oracle have come out and stated that they're deprecating the Java Plugin for Browsers.

At the moment it's still a little unclear when that will be. They firstly state that JDK 9 will deprecate the browser plugin, but will deprecate it from the JRE and JDK in a separate Java SE release.

This is good news for browser security, however I have a feeling that we'll have The Java plugin for a long time to come. Think of how much of your infrastructure management software requires a single version of the Java plugin at the moment, and how long it's taken the vendor to finally get around to supporting Java 7 - let alone 8.

Oracle have also released a whitepaper on migration from the Java applets to Java Web Start.


If you can't wait until the Java Plugin is deprecated you can either:

  1. Uninstall Java completely
  2. Disable the Java Plugin from your browser
  3. For enterprises the whitepaper also mentions the Advanced Management Console that was released with Java 8 Update 20. This appears to require a support agreement with Oracle but allows tracking and management of different versions of Java across an enterprise.